Guidelines for Physical and Psychological Well-being during COVID-19

Guidelines for YOGA Practitioners for COVID 19

Yoga is a discipline based on an extremely subtle science, which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. It is an art and science of healthy living. Yoga leads to a perfect harmony between mind and body, man and nature, individual consciousness and universal consciousness. Yoga helps to build up psycho-physiological health, emotional harmony; and manage daily stress and its consequences. Yoga is also useful in conditions where stress is believed to play a role(1). Various yogic practices such as Yogasanas, Pranayama, Dhyana (meditation), cleansing and relaxation practices etc. are known help modulate the physiological response to stressors.

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Post COVID Management Protocol

COVID – 19 disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus is relatively a new disease, with fresh information being known on a dynamic basis about the natural history of the disease, especially in terms of post-recovery events.

After acute COVID-19 illness, recovered patients may continue to report wide variety of signs and symptoms including fatigue, body ache, cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, etc. As of now there is limited evidence of post-COVID sequalae and further research is required and is being actively pursued. A holistic approach is required for follow up care and well-being of all postCOVID recovering patients.

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This guideline document is for Naturopathy practitioners to impart yoga therapy, naturopathy treatment modalities, nutrition, diet and lifestyle approaches to improve immunity in our population. Research has shown that there is a heterogeneity in susceptibility to infections during a flu epidemic. Psychologic stress, Fitness and physical activity, Nutrition, Sleep, comorbid conditions and lifestyle play a vital role in shaping this immune response. Naturopathy is a system of lifestyle medicine that works in modulating these factors that improve body's innate healing properties i.e. immunity.

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National Clinical Management Protocol based on Ayurveda and Yoga for management of Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global health crisis posing an unprecedented public health emergency. The number of deaths and people being infected are increasing daily throughout the globe. This situation is much more severe due to possible devastating situations because of several social and economic factors. Effective management to address this infection is still evolving and attempts are being made to integrate traditional interventions along with standard of care.

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