Following are some flagship initiatives being taken up by Ministry of Ayush (MoA), to maximize participation in 7th International Day of Yoga (IDY 2021)

1. Yoga Training: Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) and Yoga Volunteer Training (YVT) Course

MoA, in association with Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY) (, has initiated the CYP - Yoga Volunteer Training Course to promote and disseminate knowledge and practice of Yoga among the people, at national level, for improvement of their health and wellbeing. It is streamed live on Facebook pages of MoA and MDNIY (MoA:, MDNIY:, in English and Hindi, at scheduled timings announced in advance on these Facebook pages.

2. Prime Minister’s Yoga Awards (PMYA)

MoA is hosting Prime Minister’s award for outstanding contribution towards promotion and development of Yoga, on GoI’s MyGov platform ( The award comprises 2 national-level categories for entities of Indian origin and 2 international-level categories for entities of Indian or foreign origin. Participation has been closed for this contest, and results will be announced on 21st June 2021.

3. “Yoga & Me” Photography Contest

MoA is hosting a global photography contest on MyGov (, encouraging people all over the world to participate by posting a photograph of themselves, performing their favourite Yogasanas i.e. Yoga postures. The photograph has to be accompanied by a short description about it and its relationship with the contest’s theme of “Yoga and Me”. Dates will be announced on MyGov.

4. IDY Jingle Contest

MoA is hosting a jingle contest on MyGov (, inviting people to compose a jingle for IDY 2021 in English/Hindi/any UN recognized language/any constitutionally recognized Indian language, to drive awareness and adoption of Yoga by people of all ages, and encourage them to participate in observance of IDY 2021 with their family and friends. Dates will be announced on MyGov.

5. IDY Discussion

MoA is hosting a discussion on MyGov ( 7th-international-day-yoga-home-0/), inviting ideas on how people can observe IDY 2021 at home with their friends and families, while mobilizing the wider community to maintain the ethos of Yoga and ensure community wellbeing. Entries can be submitted till 31st May 2021(Any extension in dates will be announced on MyGov).

6. IDY Quiz Contest

MoA is hosting a quiz contest on MyGov ( Questions are based on publicly available information on past IDY celebrations. Participants are required to answer 10 questions in 450 seconds. Entry to the quiz is open till 20thMay 2021 (Any extension in dates will be announced on MyGov).

7. IDY Pledge

MoA encourages people to take the Yoga Pledge (, with a resolve to make Yoga an integral part of their daily lives, for which they are requested to submit their name, e-mail id and photograph in “Yoga Pledge” section on home page of Yoga Portal (

8. Yoga Survey/Poll

MoA is conducting a survey on MyGov, to understand citizens’ perception of Yoga and the level of IDY awareness and observance among the citizens. The survey is conducted on MyGov platform ( Dates will be announced on MyGov.