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Year-long Yoga


Year-long Yoga

Cultivate Yoga as a habit – let it be a lifelong Celebration of well-being

We are living in a world that is hugely demanding and rapidly changing. What you might think is latest big thing will not take much time in becoming old and forgotten. The times in which we live demand speed and high levels of performance. And with these high demands come pressure and stress. In order to fight stress and navigate these troubled times, Yoga is the only solution within reach.

It’s therefore no surprise that many people who have tried out everything from the gym to the latest fads in fitness, are now turning towards Yoga for happiness and peace of mind.

The power of Yoga is well known. From curing ailments to establishing a healthy lifestyle, Yoga fits in every sphere of life. It was to serve this objective that the International Day of Yoga (IDY) was proposed by Prime Minister Modi at the 69thsession of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on September 27, 2014. The world celebrates the Day every year on 21st June and soaks in the benefits of Yoga. In India, various Yoga institutes organize activities to mark IDY and use the occasion to reach out to the people with the message of Yoga.  Group Yoga demonstrations are organized in different parts of the country - virtually every village and town - where people from all age groups come together to perform Yoga asanas and reflect on the rewards of their pursuit.

The International Day of Yoga will be celebrated on 21st June this year also, and the preparations are in full swing everywhere. Yoga enthusiasts look forward to the Day, which will in all certainty be a memorable occasion, with enthusiasm. A large number of people will participate in various activities that will take place throughout India. But the moot question that arises here is whether the experience of holistic wellbeing is meant to last just a Day? Should all the focus on Yoga end upon the conclusion of IDY?

Ministry of Ayush, which is given the mandate of coordinating all IDY-related activities in India has now come up with a plan to make IDY the starting point of a year-long cycle of Yoga activities. This programme, called Year-long Yoga, will essentially be an annual calendar of mega Yoga events across the country endorsed by the Ministry, with the eventual aim of making Yoga an activity of everyday life. One shouldn’t just dedicate one Day every year to the practice Yoga and be done with it, but cultivate it as a life-long habit.

Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. The many centuries of history behind Yoga clearly supports the fact that we need it in our lives, not on a temporary basis but as a prized habit that helps us evolve. Let us work together to make Yoga a part of the daily lives of Indians and help to make India a healthier country. Join the Ministry of Ayush by becoming a partner of Year-long Yoga.

The Ministry of Ayush invites all Yoga institutions to propose important events planned or scheduled between 21 June 2019 and 20 June 2020 for inclusion in the Year-long YogaCalendar, which will have immense visibility owing to the Mnistry’s endorsement. It is requested to propose such events in which there is a substantial component of free Yoga training, and in which the expected number of participants is not less than 1000.

Your proposals may please be sent to:

Last Updated: 17-05-2024


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